Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lots if doctor appointments

I still can't believe mom and dad made all of us go to the doctor .
I know Sis, it's not like we share germs.
Right, how could we all possibly be sick?
It's just mom being overly dramatic Sis.
 I agree Gabers.
Get off me you two. You both made me sick!
I can't have five seconds to myself around here.
Mom's notes-
Four out of five of us are currently on antibiotic. We all have sinus infections that are causing nasty coughs.  Hopefully we can get rid of this nasty bug VERY fast!
By the time I got everyone asleep the first to fal asleep was getting up. 
Gabriel decided he was done with naps this summer. It is rare when I can get him to go down for a nap. He slept a good couple hours today! Now if I can get him to stop crawling in my skin things will be looking up. When Gabriel gets sick he can't get close enough where Isabella wants everyone to stay away.