Monday, October 21, 2013


Mom says Rain and her family are our second family.
I like that idea Isabella!
I loved the pumpkin patch yesterday Phia!
I bet you did, did you have to taste test every single apple Isabella?
I did not taste them all Phia.
I only tasted about half.
I am going to have to go with at least 3/4 of them.
Does Apple juice count?
Oh Isabella...
What, it is an honest question.
Put the food down and get Picking Isabella.
Rain's daddy wait up. 
Get me out of here, this is NOT cute...
Hold on tight Phia!
Wow, that was a fun day!
Mom's notes- 
Thank you Avery family for showing the girls a good time! 
Thank you Papa and Gabe for showing Robot Gabriel a good time.
Gabriel is obsessed with Robots right now. He sees robots in places I would never look for them. He never fails to see more than the average person. Who has ever thought a chair in a doctors office could look like a robot? How about the eye equipment in a eye doctors office? 
(Sunday's post)