Thursday, October 17, 2013

Faces of Phia

Fly catcher
Not funny
Okay a little funny
Extremely hilarious 
Angry kitty
A little too much boo boo milk
Way too much boo boo milk
Feed me more!
Thank you for checking out my funny faces!
Mom's notes-
This is what happens when I have conferences... Go Green !!!!
It is officially Gabriel sick time. Grr. Poor kid isworking in a sinus infection. He has been doing so well! He was feisty at school this morning. I am sure it has to do with the infection brewing in him (yes he is still on antibiotic from the ear and eye infections). He went to bed for the night by 7. 
Gabriel learned to walk at 14 months old. That is pretty early for children with Down syndrome. Isabella started walking at 6 months old. We will see when Phia decides to walk. I am hoping later rather than sooner!