Monday, January 9, 2012

Sick again... goodness!

Mom wouldn't let me go to therapy today!
I know, she wouldn't let me go to school either, so we showed her by kleenexing the living room.
Ya, but then she showed us back by making us go to the doctor, Lala.
I know Bro-Ther, she is always besting us.
What is up with that,Lala?
I don't know Bro-Ther but I really don't feel good!
Well the doctor man said you are still pretty sick.  Only one of your ears is infected right now.  You have a sinus infection and your lungs are still icky.  From what I overheard, you are going to be going to the ear doctor with me.  I bet they put those weird things in your ears too.
If it helps me with these sore ears I will be very happy!  You aren't doing so well yourself.  You have a sinus infection and had to get put on stronger antibiotic because he thinks it is getting down to your lungs.
At least I am still eating like a champ!
I know you are.  I can hear it each time you eat.  Why can't I get to eat with mom cheering me on?
Because you are always eating, mom would have to quit her job!