Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big news

Gabe will be having another back surgery on Thursday. He had a 13mm piece of disk taken out of his spinal column and a herniated disk fixed in July. There is something close to where the disk piece was hitting his nerve. The doctor could not see this when he did the last surgery because the scope does not look at that angle. He did not see it on the first MRI because the 13mm piece was in the way. He was able to see it in this last MRI thank goodness. So on Thursday they will go in and take whatever this object is out so that his nerve is no longer being pinched. Surgery is at 2, we report at noon.

I got a call today when we were driving to Gabe's doctor in Lansing, GABRIEL'S GLASSES ARE IN! I will be taking the little man to get them first thing in the morning so that I have time to pack and get ready for another round of surgery. The little man is going to work Thursday afternoon with Grandma at the local high school. He should love that, attention!

I had an OB appointment scheduled for Thursday. By the time we got out of the doctors office in Lansing the OB office was closed. I will be calling to reschedule. Over all everything seems to be going well with me for now.

I hope the good news starts to roll in ;) We could use some good news for a while!