Thursday, August 13, 2009

another surgery

Is it bad when you can make your way to the cafeteria with out following the signs in a hospital? How about if staff recognizes you from the last time you were in the hospital? Sometimes I feel like we are at the hospital at least once a month.

Gabe just went back for his surgery. I honestly hope they are able to remove everything that is pinching his nerve. He is in so much pain, I just want him to be comfortable. It will never be back to how it was before he herniated the disk and broke off the 13 mm piece, because they are going to have to go back through scar tissue and such to get to the object. They are hoping for a simple surgery but aren't sure, it will depend on the object, the amount of scar tissue and getting the scope at the correct angle the first time so it doesn't have to be moved.

Gabriel is having a fun day with Grandma Hubert at Eaton Rapids High School. Even though students aren't back yet, there is still a regular flow of people for him to impress. I packed his glasses for Grandma to try to get on his face. I figure he will have them on a whole 5 seconds all day :).

My cell does not work in the hospital so it is turned off. I will work on returning calls as soon as Gabe is at home and comfortable.

FYI Gabe is in red slippers again. Red slippers are so that staff know that when they see a person wearing them they are to escort them back to bed because they are a fall risk. I think that is pretty funny! Gabe also has his cool white tights on to prevent blood clots. His favorite!

Gabe wearing his party hat, waiting for the party to being!

On a side note we celebrated out 3 year anniversary yesterday. By celebrated I mean we acknowledged it, a little much going on right this second to celebrate. We are planning a long weekend in Mackinaw Island in October to celebrate it.

Gabe's birthday is on Saturday. I am hoping he is feeling good by then, I know that would be the best gift EVER at this point.