Saturday, May 2, 2009

prescriptions stink

It has been one month since the last prescription fiasco. I thought this month would be better. The prescription bottle said that the bottle could be filled after 04/24/09 and that there are 6+ refills before 03/31/10. On the label it says there are 72 doses in the bottle, so the bottle should last... lets see 72 doses divided by 3 doses a day is 24 days of medication. There is already fault there because the medication can not be filled before a complete month is up (30 days). Lucky they have a little more in there to get us to this point.

Anyway on with the story. I went into the store yesterday to get the medication refilled. They couldn't refill it of course. According to their computer I can not refill it because "Plan Limits Exceeded - check qty, days supply". WTF? I though everything would be smooth after last months whole drama.

Gabriel has to have this medication therefore I told the lady to go ahead and fill it, not billing the insurance. We would pay for it and contact the insurance to correct whatever is going on. Now we are $186.89 shorter. It is not a huge deal but it sure makes things tighter around here. Of course they will put it back into our account once I track down what is going on with the insurance. Most likely someone "clicked the wrong button" just like they did a few months ago when they "accidentally" cut my insurance off. oops.

Heaven knows that whenever I call the insurance company I get the run around. I wish the pharmacy and Insurance company would talk. In fact I think I am going to head to the pharmacy right after work on Monday and call the insurance from there so they can chat together instead of getting the run around. If I do that someone will need something from the doctors office as well and I will still get the run around.

Sorry about the pity party but I am so upset that I have to deal with this stupid stuff each month to get Gabriel the medication he needs. I cant imagine being someone who has even more medications to take on a regular basis, I can barely deal with Gabriel's five.