Friday, May 8, 2009

busy week!

We have had a busy week at the Purdy houes. Gabe had softball Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They won all of their games by a lot. This will most likely be Gabe's last softball season, so he wants to go out on top;). For those who don't know Gabe will be having surgery on both shoulders once things are calmer.

Gabe had surgery on his left shoulder last year in July. We decided to get it before Gabriel was born so that he should be mostly healed for Gabriel's arrivial. Sadly surgery went WAY wrong. When doing microscopic surgery there is a pump that pumps water through out the area to keep it clean so that the surgeon can see what they are doing. The pump broke during Gabe's surgery, his shoulder filled with water. There was a chance Gabe could have lost his arm. It was a whole mess. Needless to say they were not able to repair the labrum. Gabe will need to have surgery to repair that and to fix other damage caused by the water. Due to compensation his right arm (which was fixed four years ago) is in bad shape and will require surgery.

Gabriel on the other hand is doing AMAZING. He is putting a little meat on his bones. I don't realize how skinny he is until he is around other infants. He is so amazing! I was watching him sleep last night and got so lost in thought. He is such a strong little boy. We are truly blessed!