Saturday, May 30, 2009


I went to a high school graduation open house today for a "little" boy I babysat for over 15 years ago. I brought Gabriel with me. I remember Travis running around his house wanting to imitate a professional wrestler. Which translated into he wanted to beat his babysitter up. I use to make Travis go outside and run around on his families 18 acres with me. He gave me his artwork that he had given his mother earlier in the day. He gave me a plastic ring. He was a cute little kid when he wasn't trying to kill me.

I have kept in touch with Travis off an on over the years. If not directly, through my mom who was a secretary at the local middle school and now at the high school. His family came to my high school open house and wedding reception. His mother came to my baby shower and brought a special gift that Travis had picked out for Gabriel.

Travis has grown up to be a fine young man. He is planning on attending MSU in the fall! So he is also a smart young man. He is planning to become a forensic pathologist. Anyway, Travis asked to hold Gabriel and held him for over a hour. It brought tears to my eyes. He of course is more than welcome to babysit my little man anytime he wants!