Monday, May 25, 2009

summer is finally here for me!

Two weeks left until summer break. We had an amazing weekend at my parents house. We drove down there on Saturday afternoon. We took the time to pick the house up Saturday morning before heading out! Thank goodness!

Saturday evening my mother and I went to visit their next door neighbor. I grew up with this family's children. They have been asking about Gabriel whenever they see my parents. We had a nice visit with them.

Sunday morning Gabe and I went to Gabe's bike race in Detroit. Grandma watched Gabriel. Gabe did a very good job! I will post video up as soon as i am finished editing it. He won his class! He got a medal which Gabriel has taken as his own. Gabe also won a drawing. He won a $110 jacket. Sadly it was a size medium, I now have a new jacket! I love it.

We left this morning around 9am. We managed to miss most of the traffic!

We picked up our child bike carrier this weekend while in Detroit. We got to go for a bike ride today. We rode to my in-laws house for lunch and back. The carrier puts Gabriel to sleep almost seconds after he is put into it. It has stroller attachments. I cant wait to use them!

The boys have had such an exciting day that they are napping right now.