Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sorry it has taken me so long to update the blog. Lets see what is new?

Gabe had a softball game in Grand Rapids on Saturday and a bike race in Detroit on Sunday. We decided to go ahead to my parents house on Saturday to see them and to cut the drive Sunday in half. They of course were extremely excited to see Gabriel.

Gabe's bike race ended up being flooded out and rescheduled for next weekend. So we will be spending next weekend down in Lansing as well. Grandma and Grandpa Hubert will watch Gabriel during the bike race to save the little man from being in the sun all day.

Today Gabriel had speech therapy. My little man weighed in at a whole 13lbs and 6oz!!!!!!!! He has been doing so well lately. It took a week hospital visit to get on a upward slope but it is amazing how good he is doing.

He is starting to sit up completely on his own for short periods of time!

Everything is positive in our house right now! Gabriel is doing so amazing!