Thursday, April 30, 2009

silly goose

Lets see what is new.

Gabriel is getting stronger by the day. We are trying to get him to keep his legs straight so that he can stand with support. The silly goose likes to lock his knees and then do the splits as you try to hold him up, or he will bend his knees and giggle at you for trying to stand him up. He is trying very hard to crawl. He has mastered the roll to whatever he wants. Daddy can leave the room and Gabriel rolls after him.

Gabriel now knows there is a thing called a cat. It has soft fur that is fun to pull and eat. If there is a cat laying in Gabriel's sight, Gabriel is quickly rolling to it for a taste. The cats are quickly learning and lay facing Gabriel so that they can take off when he gets close enough.

Today was a weird day for Gabriel. He took a few naps at over a hour each. He rarely takes naps that last that long. He also went to bed tonight at 7pm. I am worried about when he will be back up. He hasn't been sleeping very well through the night. He normally goes to bed around 8:30pm and gets up at 5am with me. We have been so off schedule since the hospital last week. We will get there soon.

There are so many amazing people in the world. So many of you have helped us out so much! I want to say thank you!