Tuesday, April 28, 2009

we've got poo

lots and lots of poo. Who would have thought we would be excited for poopie diapers?

Gabriel is doing better. He is eating more and appears to be filling out! He is also too cute for his own good! He is still on hospital hours which is rough when getting up for work but I would rather he was on hospital hours than in the hospital.

We are worried, both the county I work in and the county I live in have had swine flu confirmed. We have a lot of families who are in and out of Mexico. Many of our students also go to school no matter what because often it is the only food they get and/or home isn't safe. I hope they are all safe and I also hope they do not bring the flu around!

My car is in the shop. I will find out tomorrow how much the lady did to it when she backed into me and how long it will have to stay. Lucky the dealership rocks and I have a loaner for as long as it takes to fix my car.