Monday, March 29, 2010

yes, it's 4:30am

It is 4:30am and Isabella is up so I thought I would update the blog.

Gabriel has been extra fussy lately.  He seems ready to cry all of the time.  He will be fine one second and in tears the next.  Last night he crawled into my lap and actually let me put a finger in his mouth to check for teeth.  Granted that he only let me check for a few seconds before breaking into tears again.  My poor baby has three teeth starting to poke through, AT THE SAME TIME.  No wonder he hasn't been himself lately. 

Isabella is working on a sleep schedule.  She wants food around midnight and 4am each evening.  Some nights she is up more but for the most part those are the night feedings right now.  She is awake more and more each day so hopefully the night sleeping will get better soon.

We weighed Gabriel and Isabella yesterday for fun.  Gabriel is 21lbs and my chunkers Isabella is up to 10lbs.  If you don't remember Gabriel was only 12lbs when he went in for heart surgery at 6 months.  I  decided to look up what Gabriel looked like at this age.  I managed to find a picture of what Gabriel looked like at the exact same age Isabella is right now.  The picture even happens to be of him without his feeding tube so it is easier to compare.  Do you think they look alike?

Wow, look at all of that hair!