Sunday, March 7, 2010


We heading home tomorrow. I am excited. My family has been so helpful and when we get home Gabe's parents will be there to help.

Gabe is doing pretty well. He is of course hurting but who wouldn't be after surgery. He is trying to help with the kids but is following doctors orders on how much he should be doing.

Gabriel has learned new tricks at Grandma and Grandpa's house. He has found that he can put a little storage box in front of the couch to crawl up on the couch. Only problem is that he has not figured out that coming off the couch head first is not a good idea and it will hurt every time.

Isabella is getting bigger and bigger each day. She is such a strong little girl. Before long she will be giving her brother a run for his money just like he is giving us.

I am taking masters classes right now as well. Just in case I wasn't crazy enough to start out with I feel the need to add something else to my plate. I want to keep my teaching certificate so I need to take my required classes. I will make it. This class is only a 7 week class so it will be over before I know it.