Thursday, November 5, 2009

There is a bright side!

Sunday the 25th I wrote about how I was thinking Gabriel had an ear infection. Well, he went to the pediatrician on that Monday. He said that he did not think that Gabriel has an ear infection but he was not sure because Gabriel's ear canals are very small.

Fast forward to last night. Around 6pm it was undeniable that Gabriel was sick. He could not breath through his nose and he threw up which is VERY rare for him. He did not sleep worth beans last night because he could barely breath. I suctioned his nose several times (his least favorite thing ever). He threw up 3 more times last night. Poor kid felt so miserable. I was ready to take him to the ER but he was not running a fever so we waited. He did not sleep a whole hour all night.

This morning he was feeling somewhat better but still VERY stuffed up. I took the day off work because I am still recovering and the lack of sleep was just too much, plus I did not want to leave my baby. We finally got an appointment at 1pm. Waiting stinks when you are watching your little one struggle to breath because his nose is so stuffed.

We get to the pediatricians office and wait forever... like always. Gabriel was playing around giggling and laughing but it was obvious that he was very stuffed up (thank goodness, I hate it when you go to the doctor and your little one no longer has symptoms). My goodness but the doctor says that Gabriel has ear infections in both ears. Um, yes, I told him this a week ago. He also has a very red throat and his sinus's are plugged. There is nothing that can be done for how stuffed Gabriel is. He is on antibiotics for his infections. Hoepfully this takes care of the problems.

As I am writing this Gabriel is sitting in my lap. He feels very warm. He has not been running a fever though this. I lie, he is now at a 100.9. Goodness!

I took tomorrow off to take care of my little one and to get better myself.

Oh ya, due to budget cut backs our health department is only open Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I hope I can get through tomorrow to find out what they have to say about the lead. Goodness, sometimes we cant seem to get ahead!

On the bright side I am going to do something fun for the month of November. A friend gave me this amazing idea. Cathy runs a blog about her daughter Lily who is too cute for words ( For the month of November we are going to post something everyday that we are thankful for. And to make it extra fun we are going to post in alphabetical order.

Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) I am thankful that Gabriel's heart surgery for his AVSD is over an that things are looking very good for him. We are off medication for his heart as of Wednesday! I am thankful that we went thought the heart surgery process and came out of it stronger!