Friday, November 20, 2009

bigger and bigger

Lots of things to catch up on:

Gabriel is getting bigger and bigger each day. He is taking steps on his own now. I am happy that he is too afraid right now to take too many on his own. He is off as long as he has mama's or dada's finger to hold onto.

Gabriel is eating more and more every day. We are hoping to get him eating 'real' food shortly. He is still on 1st and 2nds. he does not like chunks in his food. We are slowly thickening his food in hope to get him switched over.

Gabriel is starting to crawl. He has been happy doing his army crawl up until this point. He is VERY fast at the army crawl.

Gabriel believes that the word NO means that he should just do whatever he wants to as long as he doesn't think you are looking. For example: he knows that he is not to be standing up at his Mimi's table. (He likes to clear it off for her). Any time he sees that her back is turned he is right there up at her table. What a little stinker.

Grandpa had shoulder surgery yesterday. He is at home doing good. It is close to the same surgery that Gabe will be having on March 5th. Yes, you read that right. Gabe is having surgery three weeks after Isabella's due date. But, that is the only time I have coming up that I will be able to take care of him. WOW, I will have three kids soon, two little ones and a big one.

Gabriel has yet to pop a tooth out. His gums will get white in spots and he gets grouchy but still no teeth. That is okay because he likes to bite. I am trying to break him of that BEFORE he has teeth.

Gabriel's vocabulary is getting larger and larger. He of course says mama and dada. He has emo (elmo) down. He will mimic a lot of things that we say. So cute!

I need to go back to work :)