Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thankful A to Z ~I , J, K~

Ice Cream I am SO, SO thankful for ice cream. Where would the world be without the special powers of ice cream? In high school I ran for ice cream, now I waddle to the fridge for ice cream. I can’t wait for Gabriel to enjoy ice cream as much as I do. I know Isabella LOVES her ice cream, she asks for it ALL of the time! Right now he isn’t too sure about it. Give him some time.
Joy I am thankful for all of the joy I have in my life. I am reminded how lucky I am each morning when I am greeted with a Gabriel smile. I am reminded each evening when I get my good night kiss from Gabe as he heads to work. Through every trial and tribulation my family is able to bring joy into the situation.
Kisses I am thankful for my kisses! Gabriel and Gabe shower me with kisses. I LOVE MY KISSES! I will be excited when Gabriel learns that he is not a puppy and he does not need to lick me in order to give me a kiss.