Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful A to Z ~P,Q,R~

Purdy I am thankful to be a Purdy. Gabe was the youngest Purdy until our little Gabriel came. I love having such a fun last name. My students get a kick out of it ;)

Quality time I am thankful for my quality time with my family. Everyone should be as lucky to have such an amazing family. I love my family! Gabe is one of the most caring and compassionate people I know. Gabriel is so loving and happy, who wouldn't love him. I cant wait until Isabella joins our family. She will be the spice in the mix. ;)

Relatives I am so very thankful for our relatives. Mimi and Papa step up to the plate each morning to watch Gabriel until Gabe is out of work. They even watch Gabriel while Gabe gets a little sleep. Grandma and Grandpa help us when we need a little respite. Aunt Brett helps put Gabriel to sleep when we are visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Great Aunt Billi is always a call away. She has also been able to help us with so many things. Great Grandma is amazing. I wish we got to see her more! I cant wait until thanksgiving to get to see her! Uncle Nick may be in Denver but he is always with us in spirit! Aunt Andrea and Uncle Anthony are always here for us. With four little ones of their own we do not get to see them that often. We have an amazing family and support group!