Thursday, January 21, 2010

The good, bad and ugly

The good: Gabriel had his 16 month check up the pediatricians office (on his 17 month birthday ;)). He is doing awesome. He weighed 19lbs 4oz and is 30 inches long. The pediatrician is happy with his progress. He did refer us to a ear, nose and throat specialist to make sure that things are going well in that department. He wants Gabriel's hearing tested. Gabriel has an appointment on Tuesday next week to have his hearing tested. I am not too worried about it, he can hear.

The bad: We had an eye doctor appointment today. Gabriel has not been good about wearing his glasses. We have not been good about forcing him to wear them on a regular basis. It is a fight that at the end of the day there is not enough energy for. I know this is very bad but it is a fight that takes so much time and energy, I just have other things I would like to spend that time and energy doing with him.

We knew his eyes have weak muscles. The glasses were to try to help him focus without becoming cross-eyed. The eye doctor said that his eyes are more crossed more than they were on his last visit. His glasses may help but it is not much. We are to try to get him to wear his glasses but he is still going to require surgery. If he wears his glasses or not will not change that he needs surgery. She likes to do the surgery that he needs before the age of two. We go back in two months to see where his eyes are and if they seem to be close to where he was this visit we will be scheduling surgery.

The surgery has a 90% success rate. The 10% that are unsuccessful are because the muscle does not act in a manner that could be predicted and at least another surgery is required. As far as the chances of Gabriel losing his eye site following surgery the chances are very very minimal. We will get more details as we get closer to surgery but the surgery itself typically takes about a half hour, is done under general anesthesia and is done as an outpatient.

I will know more information as we get closer to surgery.

The ugly: I thought everyone needed a laugh :) Isabella at 36 weeks... She is taking over! Gabriel is going to be a great big brother!