Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Touching sand

Phia is TOUCHING the sand!!!
I'm touching the sand too Sis!
Watch me touch the sand Gabers.
Like this Sis?
Ug, you got me dirty Gabers.
Ug, you got me dirty Gabers
Don't copy me Gabers, I'm going to tell MOM!
I'll beat you there Sis!
No you won't!
Are they finally gone?
Ah, peaceful!
Mom's notes-
Me- Isabella, you need a haircut!
Isabella - no mom, I need my hair long.
Me- Isabella, your hair gets tangled really bad you need it trimmed at least.
Isabella - I need my hair long so I can get it cut and give it to girls who don't have hair... You know like Phia.
I think she may have missed something.

How do you explain to Gabriel that sand is not melted frosty(the snowman)?

She's Purdy, Purdy weird!