Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

For Mother's Day mom dressed us alike, Phia.
Well Isabella, at least I look cute!
At least she took us to the beach Phia!
I hate the beach!
We love the beach don't we Sis?
What's not to love?
The sand!!!
I like the sand, don't you Sis?
The sand is GREAT!
The hate the water!
We love the water, don't we Sis?
The water makes us jump for joy!
You two are too much!
What.... Bird!
Should we tell everyone what we gave to mom for Mother's Day Sis?
I gave mommy a card I made her at school...
And a golden unicorn cake!
I gave mom a decorated bag
With a hand painted bird house in it!
I gave mom a finger and toe bouquet.
We all gave her the biggest card ever!
Mom's notes- 
Happy Mother's Day everyone!