Sunday, December 6, 2009


The first real snow of the season was a HUGE one! Kent county got hit the hardest with a foot of snow. For those who don't know, I work 45 minutes from home in Grand Rapids Public Schools. Grand Rapids happens to be in the heart of Kent county. Grand Rapids rarely cancels school. When there is no school many of the kids do not have food, others are safer at school than at home, there are many situations which make administrators think twice about having school. Due to the amount of snow we got Thursday night every single school in Kent county canceled, including Grand Rapids Public. I got to spend an extra day at home!!!

Even my palm tree got snowed over

When Gabriel happens to fall asleep lately we leave him. He is teething and does not sleep a lot at night (which means neither does mom).

Here he fell asleep with his Heart Ernie. Grandma gave Ernie a little heart surgery so he would have a whole heart and a little scar just like Gabriel. I know you can't see it in the picture but it is so darn cute!

Gabriel has taken to rearranging our DVD's. In this next picture he cleaned the shelf out. He fell asleep playing with a little mirror (on his head).

Gabriel wants to show his dancing skills. I am trying to figure out why the whole video is not showing up. I know that it can be seen on photobucket.