Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yes, I know I have been slacking at putting posts up. Getting into the routine of going back to work has been really hard on Gabe and myself. Gabe is not use to sleeping on command. If he does not come home and get a few hours of sleep he doesn't get any until I get home. Mimi and Papa watch Gabriel for those few hours. I have lesson plans, papers to correct, and other school things that have to get done when I get home. I leave school as soon as it is out therefore things have to get done at the house. Once we are finally into a better routine I will be able to post more.

Gabriel had his first week of PT on Monday and OT on Wednesday. He is doing GREAT. He will pull himself up to the standing position when he really wants something (Biggie on the couch). We are watching Gabriel really closely tonight. He is running a fever of 101.9 with Tylenol tonight.