Wednesday, September 23, 2009

crazy week

Things have been pretty crazy around here. Gabriel got to have a new experience this week. One of my girlfriends got laid off when Grand Rapids laid off 200 people this summer. She got called back to a part time position and gets two days a week off. Gabriel went to hang out with her and her lovely daughter Adri while I worked yesterday and today. Adri is a nineteen month ball of fire. (Note, this is the same age Gabriel will be when the baby is born). Gabriel is pretty overwhelmed by Adri. She runs circles around him. Michelle had to deal with Gabriel's breaking down each day. He is not around other little kids for any length of time because of not being in daycare. He has been around Adri several times but never with out his mommy.

I hope I am not raising the kids who cries every time he is dropped off at school. He will be starting school at 3 and I hope he can handle it. We HAVE to do more exposures to get him use to stimuli.

Gabriel is pulling himself up on everything. I am always looking over and he is standing up holding onto something looking at me. I am hoping to catch it on video camera soon!

Twice a week therapy is going to be so nice for Gabriel! He did awesome this week. He is getting stronger each day.