Wednesday, September 2, 2009

missing my little guy

Grr, going back to work stinks. It is so hard to leave Gabriel at Mimi and Papa Purdy's house each morning. This school year is going to be interesting. I am hoping that is all that it is. I really hope the colors one of my co-workers, I have to work with closely, are not truly evil as she is showing right now. I hope the students do not see these colors. Hopefully if this is the real person she is, she will only show her colors to her co-workers and not the students. They do not deserve it!

I am looking forward to starting a new school year. I am worried about being out for the 6 weeks on maturity leave. I know the building will run but I hate leaving the students like that. We try to keep things as consistent as possible for them and here I go leaving them for 6 weeks mid year.

My little monster is doing amazing. He is getting around and sitting up. He has started to try to pull himself up on things. There is no free time with him around. He had speech therapy today, his eating is improving by leaps and bounds as well!!! He is up to 16lbs and 8oz, such a big boy!

I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. Gabriel just fell asleep so it is off to bed for me!