Sunday, October 18, 2009

We took a much needed break

Gabe was able to switch some of his weekend duties with another guy. He managed to get the weekend off for the first time in over a month. We took Friday off and took a much needed break. We went down to my parents house south of Lansing.

Gabe was able to go hunting on county property there. It was GREAT for him to get out into the woods and forget the world for a few moments. He has been working 6-7 day weeks for so long he needed to be able to get away even if only for a few hours.

Gabriel and I went to the Greater Lansing cross country meet on Saturday. I had him bundled up so well he did not realize he was outside in the cold. I found a cute little winter cover-up that was in storage. It was in storage because it was too big but with all of his layers on it was almost too small. It is a brown little thing with bear ears. I had more than a few people stop me and ask why I was carrying a stuffed bear around on my back. UMMM, that would be my son sleeping soundly. I took pictures of him but left my camera at my parents house. Smart, huh!

Gabe and I went out to an adult dinner with some friends Saturday evening. We had a great time but realized we are parents so we called it a night pretty early.

Other than that we did a whole lot of nothing all weekend. It was nice!