Sunday, October 25, 2009

ear infection?

Well, I think Gabriel has a ear infection. He did not sleep but a few hours last night. Today he was in tears and inconsolable most of the day. He keeps covering his ears. Poor baby!

To the doctor we will go tomorrow. He gets his first shot against RSV for this season on Tuesday. So Gabe will get to drive Gabriel to the doctor (30 minutes each way) two days in a row. I am sure he will be excited. On Wednesday Gabe goes to Lansing (2 hours each way) to have his back checked out one more time. My mom is going to come down and stay Tuesday to Wednesday to help take care of Gabriel while Gabe is on the road to and from Lansing all day. Papa has a doctors appointment and Mimi has to drive him so they are unavailable. We have the best families ever!