Sunday, October 11, 2009

learning new things

Gabriel won a raffle at the Buddy Walk yesterday. He got a bag FULL of things. His favorite item is a Curious George stuffed monkey. This morning he took my phone and put it up to George's mouth and continued to talk (who knows what was said)to George as if it was though the phone. Too cute. It was at 5am so I did not have a camera around and was not quick in getting one.
Gabriel also finished a bottle this morning and threw it at me as I was walking toward the kitchen. Gabe has been working with Gabriel on throwing things (great). I was pretty surprised to have a bottle thrown at me.
Gabriel can now clap his hands as he cheers and as he does "patty cake, patty cake".
He is getting so big. He clapped as MSU won and as Michigan lost in football this weekend.