Thursday, June 25, 2009

home life

Well in the whole week that I have not updated the blog MANY things have happened. Gabriel now says mehmeh (mama)!!! SO proud! He has been saying dada for a few weeks. Yesterday Gabriel did something we weren't sure he would ever do. He gets his arms under him and pushes himself forward. His legs have not figured out how to crawl yet but his arms are sure working hard. I am going to get a video and put it up here!

Gabe is still hurting pretty bad. Surgery can't happen soon enough but we are still very cautious about surgery. Gabe had a surgery go bad on his shoulder the 9th of July last year. He is having surgery the 6th of July this year... crazy. We still have to go back and have shoulder surgery to fix the mistakes made last year but we have been putting it off. The pain in his shoulder isn't as bad as the pain in his back.

We are looking into getting central air. Gabriel does not do well in the heat. He cant sleep and is almost constantly covered in sweat. His eating has suffered as well. We put a window air conditioner on our main floor today. Gabriel has done much better. He even took a extended nap today due to not really sleeping the last few days because he was too uncomfortable. With the new tax deductions on air conditioners and knowing someone who installs them hopefully we can come up with a plan that we can afford.