Thursday, March 12, 2015


It is with great sadness
We have to announce 
We have to find
A new home for Odin. 
A situation happened today
That made us seriously question
His behavior and 
Safety around other children.
There were many factors at play. 
But the reality is 
We are not sure we can ever fully 
Trust him around other young children again.
We love Odin 
This whole situation is very upsetting.
Isabella witnessed the incident 
And understands that we need to keep her friends safe.
But she wants her buddy,
Her friend,
Her partner in crime
Her fellow snow eater
Her best friend
Her puppy
Her pride 
Her lion
Her Odin!!!
Mom's notes- we have a very sad purdy home right now. This situation is extremely upsetting!!! We are still sorting the next steps out.