Monday, March 9, 2015

A day in the purdy home

Can you believe what the girls did to Odin?
He looks like a complete... Lamb.
I kept saying baaaa at him as mom shaved him. 
Mom kept saying he is like a king, a lion. 
We all know he is just a lamb...
In lion clothes!
Odin, I think when mom got you fixed she forgot to check to make sure you were really fixed. 
You have to be broken to allow mom to do that to you!
I can't believe they wouldn't let me start school today!
What is Kindergarten roundup of you don't get to start school.
I just don't understand, I want to start school now!
Mom almost got my mind off school with a rainbow car wash.
But that doesn't add up to getting to go to school.
September is SO far away!
Don't look at me!
I don't feel well enough to mean-mug you!