Monday, February 9, 2015

Still yucky

Mom called the doctor this morning.
Because I was still expelling at massive rates they made me go in.
I finally finished at 9am.
The appointment made me tired.
For twenty minutes.
Then I remembered I don't sleep!
But the screaming tired me out.
I worked very hard on staying awake...
I ended up losing and sleeping for an hour and a half.
I woke up feeling a bit better.
Love- Gabriel, Isabella, Sophia and Odin!!!
Mom's notes -
We weren't even at Walmart... 
Isabella "mom, what is on her pants"
Me "muscles"
Isabella "don't they go under your clothes?"
Me "most of the time."
Isabella to woman "my mom says muscles go under your clothes"
Me ""
Walk away, walk away....FAST!