Sunday, February 8, 2015

Emergency Room

I am still feeling crummy today.
I last ate Wednesday (it's Sunday).
Mom freaked out and made me go to the hospital. 
I've been drinking like a champ.
How was I to know I was expelling a lot more than I am drinking?
Did you know that if you get this thing called dehydration people do mean things to you?
Get it off me!
Take it off now!
I'm not speaking to you anymore!
Serious, this hurts!
Take it off now!
If you won't, I will!
I'll just bite it off.
I said get this thing off me now!
We are still not on talking terms!
Take me home now!
Mom's notes- we are home for now. At this point Sophia is still expelling more than she is taking in. Hopefully things slow down tomorrow so Sophia can stay hydrated and not get a visit back into the ER tomorrow.