Saturday, February 7, 2015

Home Depot

Check this out Sis!
I know, it's SO cool!
I'm so glad mom finally took us to Home Depot's Kid Class!
Me too but I don't think she is going to let us come back.
Why not?
GABRIEL, you ran down an isle and his on top of a pile of wood. 
Oh that.
Yes that, everyone in the store was looking for you!
But I was safe.
You scared everyone a lot!
I promise to stay closer next time, I want to go again. 
Please take me, I won't run!
Mom's notes-
Yup, panic attack. I zipped bella coat and handed her the freshly painted box and warned her to keep it away from her jacket. In that second Gabriel took off down an isle. I was seconds behind him. He disappeared and would not answer me. Normally he will answer or laugh when he runs. Nothing, crickets! He was only about four feet down the isle he ran down, on a shelf of wood, rolled to the back so I could not easily see him. The employees were amazing, calm and very helpful. I don't know if they have lost child drills but they did an amazing job!