Sunday, December 7, 2014

You did what?!?

So there I was, having fun with my Phia.
In Isabella's room.
Phia put a marble in her mouth.
I made her spit it out because marbles are not safe. 
I then put it in my mouth to prove to her how unsafe that is...
And got the marble stuck on my esophagus, this tube helps suction all the foam.
They gave me an IV at the closest hospital.
So they were ready for surgery after...
My ambulance ride.
They turned the lights on and everything but I did not feel good enough to care. 
While they were getting everything ready for surgery...
I started coughing and choking. 
It was really scary!
And then I started to throw up ALL over.
And out came the marble.
It feel so good to have that thing out!
Now I can sleep!
I must say, I'm happy to be home!
And glad I was able to avoid surgery!
So are you going to put marbles in your mouth again Gabers ?
Nononononono, with a side of NO!
Mom's notes- some pictures are from our family photo session this morning. As you read, our day took a different turn today.