Sunday, December 28, 2014


Odin, don't you tell Isabella I let you in my bed!
I love having you here but Isabella would be completely jealous!
Okay, you can hang out here a little longer. 
I'm telling!
Odin slept in your bed!
Sis is going to be so mad!
You can't prove it!
Hello peanut!
My name is Isabella!
You are such a pretty pony!
You should come home with me!
You can share a bed with Odin and me!
Snoopy, you are a little too big for my bed...
But you can share with mom and dad!
You and Peanut will love my poodle Odin!
Odin is so much fun!
We can all run around the backyard!
Our new backyard is so much bigger than our old one.
So what do you two say, are you coming home with me?