Saturday, October 11, 2014

Step up for Down Syndrome

Today was MY day!
We did the Step Up for Down syndrome walk today.
We don't walk for a cure...
We walk to educate others about 
How amazing our lives are
I am your sister so it's my day too Gabers.
Which one of you two said that?
I  SO staying out of that one!
Good idea, Gabers head is a little full right now!
I see!
Guys get back here.
Hey, it is MY day!
I can't watch this!
You know you want to play with ME!
Look, I did not want to have to do it but I'm going to use my spidy powers on you!
You guys are lucky my dad is here!
He's my real super hero!
Come on dad, let's walk to raise awarness!
Mom's notes-
DSAWM's Step Up for Down Syndrome walk was super hero themed. 
There was no choice...
We needed to be Gabriel's favorite super hero...
Gabriel touches lives, even in another state he has people walking for awarness because of the ripples he has caused. Thank you Valle family for supporting Ds awarness. We love you guys (your mommy made amazing shirts!!!)