Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Helping the Purdy family

The day Gabriel was born we gained a family and lifelong friends that before that moment we never knew existed.  I once read a quote from Anais Nin that said "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."   I have to say that the Down syndrome community has created a world of friendship, joy, hope and strength.  We celebrate each other’s joys,  cry at each other’s losses, give strength in a moment of need, and gain strength when we are in need.  Thanks to social media we are able to contact with other parents in seconds.  We are able to virtually hug, hold hands, cheer, cry, give support and create lifelong friendships.  I have women who I confidently call friends yet I may never get to meet in real life. 
Through Gabriel I have been able to meet some of the most amazing women on the Lakeshore in West Michigan.  We came together with a common bond our love for a little one with a little something extra.  We share hopes, dreams, fears, doctors, schools and so much more.

The ladies know how much the Purdy family has been stressing over Gabriel’s upcoming intensive feeding therapy.  We are extremely excited to get Gabriel on the right track with eating but my being out of work for 8 weeks is going to put some major financial constraints on the family.  I tried to figure out a way that I could run between therapy and work to try to get my hours in so that we would not lose the income.  We decided that it was just not possible if we wanted Gabriel to have the best outcome possible.  I need to be able to be completely devoted to Gabriel and his feeding during these 8 weeks.  Asking for anything is never easy.  We have managed to get this far on our own and with a little assistance from our immediate family.  We are not able to make it on our own this time.  We have been rolling around different fundraisers we can do.  Neither Gabe no I are very good at asking for assistance so we honestly not gotten very far in our fundraiser planning. 

My friends, my Ds family, My girls realized that they needed to assist us with our journey.  I am humbled and in tears at their generosity and compassion.  Words cannot express how deeply this touches our family.  It goes so much beyond financial assistance.  Please check out Jenee’s blog ‘Kaitlyn’s Korner’ to see how amazing these women are.  Please thank these amazing women on behalf of the Purdy family.