Sunday, April 24, 2016

Small world

I have heard from several people who have seen Gabriel in action at school about a kid named Levi. Levi is in Gabriel's first grade class and has taken Gabriel under his wing. Levi includes Gabriel all of the time.

Gabriel received an invitation to Levi's birthday party. I was extremely disappointed that there was no way Gabriel would be well enough to attend. I really wanted to meet Levi's parents because I know he received the skills he has from some amazing people.

Gabriel picked a present out for Levi. He was feeling a bit better so I decided to take Gabriel and stop by to meet Levi, his Levi parents and drop the gift off.

I was in the middle of introducing myself to Levi's mom when a familiar face stepped out. Imagine my surprise in finding out that the pastor I just met the week before, who officiated Mimi's beautiful service, is Levi's dad.

It's a small world!

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