Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I hate homework! 
Why does my teacher have to tell mom all my secrets?
My teacher told mom my secrets today too.
I told her it was you Bella.
She said you were at school so it couldn't be you.
Here's my homework story Phia: One day me and my mom went to the store with Odin. Odin is my dog.
Odin jumped into the front seat
Mom said move
Odin jumped out of moms seat and into my lap.
Mom's notes- I got the pleasure of meeting with both girls teachers today:
Isabella- Bells started doing her work super slow last week to avoid having to go out for recess. Her teacher and I spoke and we quickly put that to a stop. Isabella then started dressing in her winter clothing super slow to miss recess. We hopefully put that to a stop today. 
Sophia- A friend got sent to Lorrain for punishment today at daycare. Sophia did not want to be left out so she went in the corner and proceeded to wet herself and the corner. Upon getting called out by her teacher Sophia decided to smile and laugh at her teacher. 
Gabriel- my little prince! At least as far as I know. He did not have a behavior sheet in his bag and I did not get a call so im going on the assumption that he was amazing today.