Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Have you had a self-pep talk today

Hello handsome!
Looking good kid!
You are the best!
You are number one!
You are the best brother!
You are the best kid EVER!
Ah, I love my morning self-pep talks!
Mom's notes-
What a start to the day! Bella P does it again!
I got Gabriel dressed then started the car and allowed him to go back to sleep while getting the girls ready for their day. I got the girls ready and put them in the warm car before running in to grab Gabriel. 
Gabriel managed to wet himself, his clothes and the bed in the short time it took me to get the girls ready and out the door. After washing him up and redressing him I took him to the car only to find that Isabella was missing. Phia let me know she went inside. 
I ran inside and all over the house calling for her. I could not find her anywhere. Of course she wouldn't answer. I finally found her hiding place (look at picture). Her excuse "mom, I need another snow day with Odin."