Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekend fun!

We went for a walk.
I don't know what you three are talking about, you rode in the cart. I bailed and went for a walk!
Well Odin took me on a magic carpet ride.
I got to hang out with my robot!
I bossed Sis and Emm around!
We just let you think you did Phia.
I completely owned the big kids!
I ran the show!
Yup, thanks for taking no one for the team Phia!
Ya, Throwing money in the fountain was way fun!
I am amazing!
One might say I am the best little sister...
Oh and cutest little Sister...
Don't push it Phia!
You are MY PHIA!
Mom's notes-
Fun in the sun!
In a photo booth! (6 kids and three adults)