Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pre-Christmas Christmas

Phia we have to wait.
Why, I see things that need tasting right now.
There was a HUGE storm last night Phia.
Phia what Sis is trying to tell you is that it is not safe for people to be driving today.
I'm taking a nap, tell me when it is time to eat.
Grandpa, I don't want to nap!
Grandma, I want to be a unicorn.
Look Isabella, Meesha is a Unicorn.
Haha, look Phia, I made BabyDog (Bell) a Unicorn too.
Are you two serious?
Please ship me somewhere else.
We want to go someplace warm!
Keep busy you all.
Nobody will notice I am opening presents.
Mom's notes-
My car after pulling into my parents...

I am so glad we got into town last night before things got really bad!