Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dang it!

When the doctor was calling at 8am I should have worried.
What happened Phia?
I got called in to see another doctor about my sores.
Did Gabriel have to go?
Nope, his spot is still only a spot not nasty open sores like mine.
So you had a bad day?
Look at me Isabella!
Mom's notes- 
We got a call this morning. Sophia ended up with an emergency optometrist appointment this morning. The doctor is concerned with how the rash is spreading despite the medication she is on. In fact she now has a new patch in the middle of her forehead today. 
The optometrist checked her out. Sophia's eyes are doing great right now. We have several things to watch for but right now her eyes are perfect. 
The optometrist was able to get a pretty clear look at the sores. Sophia has small blisters that are popping scabbing over.
Nobody is sure if Sophia really has impetigo or oral HSV. She is now on three different medications trying to get this mess under control. 
This week is hard because it is difficult to take time off for the holiday but it does keep Sophia out if daycare for three weeks to get healthy and not spread this mess.