Thursday, November 21, 2013


Isabella, look at how strong daddy and I are!
Phia, look at Daddy and me!
Sssshhhh, I am watching Santa feed his reindeer!
Ooo, let me see.
Mom, Gabriel is watching my TV.
Haha, mom told you to get over it...
Pop look at that handsome man.
It's me!
Oh ya I am amazing!
You want amazing, check me out!!!!!!

I will do it again in case you missed my lightning fast speed.

Okay, okay, one last time People.

Mom's notes- is simply amazing! Santa feeds the Reindeer Mon-Fri at 11am, 6pm and 9pm and weekends at 6pm.
 FYI- Santa has what appears to be a black lab. Isabella is in heaven!
Sophia has 6 days to be walking without the walker to be on par with her sister. Thank goodness I don't think she will make it but sadly i don't think she is very far behind.