Saturday, November 2, 2013

Go state!

I don't feel good.
I know I look good but looks are deceiving.
I have to have three shots in the next few days to help me feel better.
I did weigh a whole 14lbs 6oz today!
Quit your whining Sophia. 
You're not to talk Isabella.
Shut your mouth and watch State kick U of M bum !
Go Green!
Go white!
Mom's notes -
Notice how proud someone is of himself... Gabriel is at a point where he wants to take a bath by himself. I got the bath ready and as I was trying to herd Gabriel to the tub when Isabella announces she wants a bath and proceeds to strip down and jump in. Gabriel told her 'no' and to 'get out '. Isabella of course ignored him. Instead of a complete breakdown (typically what happens) Gabriel climbed into the tub. Before I could cheer him on for choosing to do the right thing he walked up behind a sitting Isabella, grab himself and tinky in the back of her hair (he even remembered to shake to make sure he got it all out). Isabella did not notice and Gabriel sat down with this very satisfied and proud look on his face. I excused myself to laugh until tears were rolling down my face before washing EVERYONES hair.
Sophia received her referral to our ENT already. She is at 3 ear infections in one month. This last infection is nasty! She has been on antibiotic for a week. When she started on this dose of antibiotic it was for a sinus infection and her ears were clear... Her ears are now nasty and the sinus infection is still hanging on.