Friday, August 30, 2013

Water fun!

Haircut day!
 photo null_zpsdb0b27ca.jpg
Mommy got her hair cut.
 photo null_zps621f170a.jpg
Gabers did not scream too loud when he got his hair cut.
 photo null_zpsfcc311d9.jpg
I like my haircut!
 photo null_zps9606a0bf.jpg
Phia did not get her haircut but she is cute!
 photo null_zpsd36bb565.jpg
Mom made us some puddles after our haircut.
 photo null_zps254adc8f.jpg
Grandma brought Phia out to play.
 photo null_zpsaefa700e.jpg
I think she had fun.
 photo null_zps455787ac.jpg
Gabers, Phia come here I have a plan...
 photo null_zpscf2ff0d8.jpg
Everybody know their parts?
 photo null_zps95ecfc07.jpg
Owie mommy!
 photo null_zpsa9213040.jpg
Get her Gabers!
 photo null_zps221efad9.jpg
 photo null_zpsd01382fd.jpg
Don't hold me in the water!
 photo null_zpsb5c5ed44.jpg
This is so much fun!
 photo null_zpsfefbc490.jpg
Daddy hide.

Hide mommy!

Hide me from the crazies daddy!
 photo null_zpsc4d386dd.jpg
This is much more fun than what they are doing outside!

Mom's notes- I went outside to water the plants and ended up having a water fight with the things. It was so fun. Gabriel held the hose because he has trouble running around while Bells and I ran around him. We had a complete blast!