Saturday, May 14, 2016

It wasn't me strikes again

Mom- "Phia unlock the bathroom door"
Sophia- "In a minute"
Mom- "Are you even going potty."
Sophia- "kitten is."
Mom- "Phia, kitten does not go potty in there."
Sophia- "Bella got no potty mom."
Mom- "Is Bella even in there with you?"
Sophia- "Bella on the computer."
Mom- "Sophia, unlock this door now!"
Sophia- "In a minute."
Mom- "Sophia, I need to go potty, open the door."
Sophia- "Mom go potty now?"
Mom- "yes!"
Sophia- "okay mom."

Mom- "what is on your face?"
Sophia- "nuffin"
Mom- "Sophia what were you into?"
Sophia- "it's just lunch mom."
Mom- "I cleaned your face after lunch."
Sophia- "not good enough I guess."
Mom- "Sophia, what were you into?"
Sophia- "nuffin. Odin did it."
Mom- "Odin made your face a mess?"
Sophia- "Odin and kitten"

Apparently Odin and kitten got onto the counter, opened the cupboard, took out the malted milk powder, opened it, took it into the restroom, locked the door, got a straw and drank.

Now, that's talent...

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