Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Not my fault

It's so not my fault I'm in timeout. When we were coming in from recess at daycare I was STARVING and they happen to have suckers in the entry way for us to eat. So I helped myself to one. Ms. Jenny busted me and threw it away. Don't worry that did not deter me, the amazing Sophia. I reached right into that garbage can and stole my sucker back. Being smarter than the average two year old, I knew I had to keep my sucker secret so I went to the play kitchen, opened the microwave door and used it as a shield. I was so proud of myself I kept repeating "you can't see me" and "I got my sucker back".

My friends heard me congratulating myself and came over to investigate. Then the most brilliant idea ever popped into my head. I let my friends know and off we went. We sprinted into the restroom and locked the stall door before the adults could catch us. Then we all shared the sugary amazingness that is a dumdum sucker.

It was all fun and games until someone had to text mom.

Now I am stuck in timeout for a WHOLE two minutes while life passes me by. Why couldn't I have lied when mom asked me if I was sorry and if I would do it again. I mean, come on mom, of course we will have sucker games tomorrow. The sugary goodness is already calling my name. I'm not sorry I got to enjoy the sugary amazingness today either!
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